Beyond a Superfood: The Next Generation of Healthy Seeds and Fish Oil the Sacha Inichi

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The other day I was walking in my local organic market (shout out for planet organic) and I came across a seed (the size of a nut) I had never seen before. I picked up the package and to my surprise it was a seed from the Amazon in Peru. The package had all these grand claims such as:

Zinc Magnesium Aspartate (ZMA) What does it really do?

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Zinc and magnesium are mineral elements that are required for optimal physiological health and performance. For athletes and physically active people, having optimal levels of zinc and magnesium is essential to ensure the capacity for increased energy expenditure and work performance. Intense activity as you know increases urine and sweat losses of minerals. Due to this, it has been found that in athletic populations they are often low in zinc and magnesium.

The Key to Preventing Immune System Shutdown and Central Fatigue

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The Immune System

Moderate training improves immune function

  • Intense & prolonged training/competition event inhibit immune status for up to 6hrs
  • During these 6 hrs athlete are most susceptible to attacks on the lymphocytes from a variety of immune infections
  • Most common in athletes competing and training in endurance exercises
  • Increase susceptibility to URTI’s that usually lead to ear infections and colds for prolonged periods of time

The 5 Principles to a Great Body Part 5 High Intensity Interval Training

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High intensity interval (intermittent) training (HIIT) is an effective tool for weight loss, and fat metabolism. Weight loss and cardiovascular fitness both respond more favourably to HIIT then long duration cardio. However, just as noted in part 4, the general population has the belief that long distance exercise is the most effective form of cardio and fat loss. It is your job as fitness professional to have an understanding of HIIT training in order to educate and sell the benefits of it to your clients. The main reasoning to this belief is due to the well established understanding that as intensity of training increases, the dependency on carbs for metabolism increases, thus, reducing fat metabolism. This belief is well founded and indeed correct, but people focus too much on the initial fat metabolism and do not understand that as intensity increases, the caloric expenditure increases overall exponentially. This being said, when one does long distance running, they may burn more calories in the moment. But over the next 24 hours, the amount of calories burnt by the HIIT training is shockingly higher. Due to this, the amount of fat metabolised by long distance training is insignificant in comparison to HIIT.

the science behind pH and performance part 2

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pH scale:
The acidity and alkalinity of a solution is represented through a scale, which extends form 0-14. The scale is based upon the concentration of H+ in moles per liter. The midpoint of the scale is 7 where the concentrations of H+ and OH- are equal (pure water). When a solution has a greater amount of H+ then OH- it is an acidic solution with the pH being below 7. When a solution has less H+ then OH- it is an alkaline solution with the pH being above 7.

How does your bodies pH affect your performance part 1

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Athletes of all shapes and sizes participate in aerobic and anaerobic sports. These athletes continually push the boundaries of the human body, trying to improve to their genetic potential and create new understandings of what the body is capable of. Through all this effort, these athletes have been able to redefine what is deemed as” humanly possible,” not only for themselves, but in some instances for the rest of humanity. For example, it was widely accepted that running the mile in under four minutes was impossible; until the inexplicable happened on May 6, 1954 when Roger Banister completed it in 3:59.4.

Game Meat a Wild Superfood

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Humans have come from an incredibly long ancestry line of meat-eaters. Our ancestors began as hunters and gathers and developed into our current “farmed hunting” today. In the hunter and gatherer communities, meat played a significant role. It was a major source of their dietary energy. If we look past any issues people have with ethics and athstetics of being a carnivore, meat is an extremely high grade source of nutrients.

The 5 Principles to a great body Part 4 Weight Training

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If you ask anyone, “What should I do to lose weight?” the likely reply will be something along the line of “start doing cardio (meaning long distance low intensity).” This thought and belief that dominates North America was due to the rising rates of obesity and heart disease and that fact when scientists began theories that cardiovascular exercise was the magic key to improving fitness and health. This being said the research supports that a moderate (key word) level of aerobic training does have health benefits. However, as most people don’t do cardio in moderation, rather, they take a training that is high volume in nature and go overkill. When aerobic training is overdone it places harmful stress on the body, this can lead to:

Nutrition Books worth Reading

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Here are some fantastic resources to help you along your nutrition journey:
Nutrition Books:
Essentials of Sports Nutrition & Supplements Ed. Jose Antonio et al.
Precision Nutrition by John Berardi

The 5 Principles to a great body Part 3

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We learnt in the last post that avoiding spiking your blood sugar is essential in avoiding the storage of fat. This is important in improving your body composition and your overall health.

Once one has accomplished this and is still struggling with body composition, we must begin to dig deeper. When this occurs, one needs to start playing with their macronutrient ratio (protein, fats, carbs). A general rule of thumb is your fats should equate to 30% of your consumed calories with the ratio being split equally between saturated, polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated. So, this leaves us with our protein and carbs to play with.

Silk Amino Acids, what is all the hype about ?

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The researchers, working for Chungbuk National University and Worldway manufacturer, gave male mice a daily preparation containing hydrolyzed silk proteins. The preparation, produced by Worldway[], consisted of 34 percent alanine, 27 percent glycine, 10 percent serine, 3 percent valine and 2 percent threonine. Most hydrolyzed silk peptides consist of a chain of 18-19 amino acids, so this is probably true of the preparation that the researchers tested. The mice were given doses of 50, 160 or 500 mg/kg silk proteins dissolved in water.

The 5 Principles to a great body Part 2

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As noted in part 1 the insane importance of nutrition in body composition. Since, this is the most important aspect let’s begin this series by looking at why it is so important.

It is nearly impossible to out train a bad diet; unless you are spending 8 hours a day in the gym (which will lead to all kinds of other problems). ... Proper training + proper nutrition+ proper life style= optimal results, they act as a powerful drug

The 5 Principles to a great body Part 1

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Tonight I will identify the most important aspects in obtaining your dream body 

This list is in order from most important to least:

Supplement Beta-alanine, what is the Big Deal?

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Topics covered

  1. What is Beta-alanine Used for?
  2. What is Beta-alanine?
  3. Why is Carnosine So Important?
  4. Why Not Take Carnosine Supplement Instead of Beta-Alanine?
  5. If we get it naturally why should we supplement?
  6. How Much Should I Take?
  7. How Should I take it?
  8. Is it Safe for Me to Take It?

How to Stick to your Nutritional Goals

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Tips to Help You Stay on Track

  1. Only make one change a week, otherwise you will feel overwhelmed
  2. Write Down or Track your food on an app or internet site such as food menu tracker or myfitnesspal. Tracking your food has shown to have an immediate improvement in body composition (no one wants to admit to themselves that they ate an extra bag of cookies, if nobody saw it never happened... mentality). Also, it shows some people how little they actually eat (helps when you are trying to put on muscle).

The Truth Behind Isometric Training

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Isometric training has been around for many years. Legendary strongman Alexander Zass preached the effectiveness of isometric training in the early 1900’s. As he found himself a prisoner of war during World War 1, Zass began pulling and pushing on the bars and chains used to constrain him. He quickly began to notice an improvement from his efforts. It was long after that Zass began promoting this style of training through popular mail order courses. Zass has been attributed as the Father of Isometrics.


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If there is anything you would like we to cover or in more depth please fell free to ask. I am here to help educate and aid you in your athletic and nutritional goals. My specialty is working with elite athletes in university and professional levels.

8 Tips to Good Nutrition

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  • Complete meals: All meals (snacks included) should have protein, fats, and veggies or fruits (except around training)
  • Eat every 2-3 hours. You should be eating around 5-8 meals per day
  • Fruits and veggies are a must with all meals

New Tech = Better Performance

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Super Chocolate!

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Why didn’t the prison allow the prisoners to eat chocolate? Because they were scared they would break out!
For starters let’s throw this myth away chocolate does not cause acne. Rather, acne is usually cause by one or a combination of three things
  • Hygiene
  • Nutrition (often not enough vitamin A and healthy fats)
  • Hormones going crazy

Chocolate has been put in the junk food category for a long time. However, recent research has been unveiling exciting news about the health benefits of chocolate. In Dr. Jonny Bowden’s book, “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth,” and M.S, R.D. Tonia Reinhard’s book “Super Foods the Healthiest Foods on the Planet,” state the following benefits of dark chocolate:

Polyunsaturated, Monounsaturated, and Saturated Fat Sources

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Healthy sources of fats:
Note this is far from comprehensive but high lights some of the best and healthiest sources