How to Stick to your Nutritional Goals

Posted: Saturday, 3 March 2012 by Strength&Nutrition24/7 in Labels:

Tips to Help You Stay on Track

  1. Only make one change a week, otherwise you will feel overwhelmed
  2. Write Down or Track your food on an app or internet site such as food menu tracker or myfitnesspal. Tracking your food has shown to have an immediate improvement in body composition (no one wants to admit to themselves that they ate an extra bag of cookies, if nobody saw it never happened... mentality). Also, it shows some people how little they actually eat (helps when you are trying to put on muscle).
  3. Cook twice as much for dinner so you have lunch for tomorrow
  4. Cut fruits and vegetables the night before (next step is to prepare them on the weekend)
  5. Make big batches of salad and meat to eat throughout the week
  6. Prepare your days food the night before so you don’t have to panic in the morning
  7. 90% Rule, if you aren’t planning on being an elite athlete and just want to live a healthy life, this is the rule for you. As long as 90% of the time you’re eating well, you should be successful in your goals. However don’t make it into a day of junk food; a meal here and there can be good for you psychologically.  Absolutely, don’t let a slip up make you say “I messed up so the whole day is ruined; I can eat whatever I want now.”
  8. Going Out for Dinner
  9. Check the menu ahead of time and go in with a plan