Hydrating, How to Optimize your Hydration and Performance

Posted: Tuesday, 4 December 2012 by Strength&Nutrition24/7 in Labels:

Many organisations and textbooks have suggested standard fluid replacement guidelines. However, with the numerable variables (environmental conditions, intensity level, duration, rest periods, the amount of clothing worn, and the goal of the session, practice, competitive event, physical fitness level, individual sweat rate, and etc), research and clinical trials have demonstrated that these standards or drinking by thirst are not adequate and hydration should be individualized. It is important that we incorporate the latest research in tandem with our knowledge of our athletes to ensure the best evidence based clinical practice when it comes to hydration for our athletes and ourselves.

Research on the effects dehydration has had on physical and psychological performance has been controversial. There has been a great deal of disagreement amongst research which has been mainly attributed to different environmental conditions. However, the overall consensus is that as little as 1% dehydration has an effect on heart rate, body temperature, recovery rate and physical and psychological performance.