Top 6 Exercises for Building Muscle, Increasing Strength, and Losing Weight!

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The BIG 6 Exercises 

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If you only had enough time to do a few exercises, these would be the go to exercises.
There are no better exercises then these for building muscle, strength, and losing weight!
As you know, I am a massive advocate for exercises that involve free weights and moving your body through space.

If you want to pack on huge size on your legs and your upper body, then squats are a must have in your program. Squats are the king of all muscle and strength building exercises. No workout should be without deep squats. Then get your ass under a bar and squat. Back squats, front squats, safety bar squats… they’re all good options. Squats not only build massive legs, but also stress most of the upper body. They are like a hormonal nuclear bomb – destroying the entire body, forcing it to get bigger and stronger with every rep. Some theories say that due to the crushing force of squats, the body fears it will be crushed and die, thus releasing massive amounts of hormones.

According to one of the greatest strength coaches of all time, Dan, the hip hinge is the most powerful movement the human body can do. Deadlifts are the ultimate form of the hinge movement. This exercise along with squats define manmaker, this exercise pack on slabs of muscle mass while helping you become as strong as a bear. If you want to reduce your risk of injury (building hamstring strength), get a huge ass, get a jacked back , lose fat, and help release mass amounts of hormone, then bend over and pick up heavy shit. Deadlifts are the most basic and fundamental exercises for training (this does not mean the techniques are easy or simple by any means). Do the hinge correctly and you improve your back health and performance. Pull a straight bar or trap bar set on rubber mats, or boxes/squat rack (if you can’t do it off the floor). Perform this movement from the lowest position you can maintain a neutral spine.

The greatest training exercises involve moving the body through space. The exercise that may be the single greatest exercise for measuring upper body strength is the pull up.
Beyond this, it is an incredible exercise for developing your muscles and creating wings that you could fly with. It is such an incredible exercise that it is commonly known as the upper body squat. The US military service academies have traditionally used the pull-up to assess the degree of physical fitness. Further, in terms of rehabilitation and the avoidance of injuries, it is so important to balance in push and pull exercises.

The parallel grip (neutral grip) chin/ pull up are the easiest on the shoulders and elbows and the one I recommend most. However, using the variety of grips is important since they place different emphasis. Doing them on rings is safest as it allows for the most natural movement but is also significantly more difficult.

Another way to make chin ups more difficult and simultaneously more elbow friendly is to use Fat Gripz on the bar. This however may reduce the amount of focus on the back and place most of the focus on your grip strength. Having good grip strength is important but the back strength should be your first priority.

Bench Press. 
The bench press is an upper body staple. It is probably the most popular exercise in the gym today. It is often a battle to get your turn on the bench press at the local gym. There are several highly effective variations including the flat bench barbell press, flat bench dumbbell bench press, incline bench barbell press and incline dumbbell bench press.

Overhead Press. 

This is the best shoulder development exercise. Forget all these shoulder raises. They mean nothing in comparison to the overhead press. On top of developing cannonball shoulders it helps strengthen your core. As with the bench press, there are numerous quality variations of the overhead press that can be used. Nearly all seated and standing dumbbell and barbell overhead presses are solid choices. You may also use single arm dumbbell press to really emphasize your core strength. Too much horizontal pressing and not enough overhead work will lead to beat up shoulders. Trust me, you don’t want that.

The rows are likely the most important exercise for posture. I mean, you don’t want to look like you have regressed to a cave man. Bench press and chin-ups will both cause your arms to internally rotate. So slam out some serious rows to get powerful posture, better shoulder health, and a reduced risk of injury. Barbell, dumbbell, inverted, cable, and blast straps (suspension straps or whatever you want to call them) rows are tremendous upper back exercises. Old school barbell T-bar rows are also a solid choice. As always with all exercises please stay away from machines unless you have absolutely no training experience in the exercises.


  1. Peter C. says:

    Interesting theory about why squats release such large amounts of testosterone

    "...due to the crushing force of squats, the body fears it will be crushed and die, thus releasing massive amounts of hormones."

  1. Yeah it is really interesting. It is the common held belief in the academic world. Personally i think it makes a lot of sense. However, it has not been well researched yet. I look forward to seeing what the research will eventually say about it.

  1. Hello its been great article on How to Build Muscle !!, Thanks alot for such an instructions , i'll will follow it !!