Protein: Which is Better, Whey or Casein, Improve Your Gains Dramatically

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Whey protein is probably the biggest supplement purchased.  Most people go to the supplement store and purchase whey because that’s what everyone does. But, is it the right choice and are you using it properly? Could you be using your protein more effectively and see significant improvements?

YES you can!

Is casein or whey a better choice for post workout supplement? Both forms of protein are fantastic in themselves. However, it depends on the time of ingestion in relation to exercise which will decide what is better suited (Philips, 2010). When looking at the two hours post training, whey is anabolic, fast digestibility, and increases protein synthesis (Philips, 2010; Boirie, 1997). As noted before, the window in which protein is used most effectively is within 45 minutes post training. In order to utilize this time as best as possible, one needs the protein to digest as quickly as possible. Therefore, whey protein is superior within proximity to training (Philips, 2010). Casein is superior before bed, due to its slow digestibility and ability to inhibit protein breakdown (Philips, 2010; Boirie, 1997; Dangin, 2001; Tang, 2009). This provides the body with a “trickle” of amino acids over a long period of time (Philips, 2010; Boirie, 1997; Dangin, 2001; Tang, 2009).  In the only head to head studies of casein vs whey, casein supplementation resulted in greater gains in strength, muscle mass, and fat loss (Antonio, 2008; & Demling, 2000). Both whey and casein have benefits and provide enough reason for both to be used.


  • Whey protein is the most commonly bought form of protein
  • Head to head casein supplementation resulted in greater gains in strength, muscle mass, and fat loss
  • Whey is superior immediately after training 
  • Casein is superior immediately before bed 
  • Using both is optimal, if you must chose one, research demonstrates that casein is superior 


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