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Posted: Tuesday, 25 September 2012 by Strength&Nutrition24/7 in

Just Married

So to begin my return to the blog, I want to begin by providing an explanation for why I have not written in a long time. This summer I went up to northern Saskatchewan which is approximately a 10 hour drive north from Saskatoon. For those who do not where I’m talking about, search in Google maps Points North, Saskatchewan, Canada and you will have an idea of where I was. Over the course of the summer, I had little to no internet access and was working for a Uranium Exploration company 7 days a week. On top of all this, I was planning my wedding with what little internet I did have.
The second half is the plan for the upcoming year

You cant stop us... we even do hiit training on our wedding day 

I returned from work August 20th and had my wedding on August 24th. You can imagine life was a little hectic. After the wedding, we took off on our honeymoon. First we had a gift to go to Harrison Hot Springs. After having a pretty awesome time relaxing and lounging at a spa and hot springs, we traveled down the coast of Oregon. We spent a night on the coast then headed down to the sand dunes. After an hour of adrenaline pumping fun on the sand dunes, we went inland to a beautiful area called Sunriver.
our view from our room

We arrived home in our new place... which we still needed to move all our stuff into, only having 2 days before school was going to start. It was crazy! Life has been insanely crazy and I have finally gotten in to the flow of everything again. My twitter is up and running, Facebook fan page as well.

So this is the restart up of the blog!

So what is coming up in the future?

Well this is a really exciting year coming up.

I have some articles that have been written by professors that I highly admire for their knowledge and ability as strength/nutrition coaches.

One of the biggest things coming up that I really want to prepare you guys for is my website. I have been meeting with a promising web designer to build a website and take this blog beyond what it is now. Unfortunately, I was unable to acquire but that being said I managed to acquire a better site name in my opinion,

So keep your eyes out for when the site is completed and I make the big move.

Until that happens, I will continue to post here.

Further, there is still an insane amount of topics to cover and am always looking for requests.

Thank you to all my loyal and new fans. I will do my best to not disappoint you.


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